Current status of Park during 2016 El Nino season

Current status of Park during 2016 El Nino season

By Friends of Goleta Beach Park on Jan 01, 2016 at 12:59 PM

If you haven't had an opportunity to visit the Park this season, you would view the impacts of our first El Nino winter storms in many years.  The bottom-line, the rock revetment, which now has a twenty year coastal permit, has stopped several high high tide runups from landward erosion. Though there are several weak spots along the 1200 linear foot beach front, because of undersized rocks and misplacements, the County now has approval for a re-engineered refurbishment starting 2-12-2016.

You will also see a hugh sand berm in front of the Beachside Resturant and the eastern half of the park (where no rock revetment exists).  Though this measure was approved by both the County and the CCC staff, it continues to erode during each high high tide wave action and has to be rebuilt constantly at great expense.

Because of such, "Friends" has submitted a project to the Refugio Oil Spill Restoration Fund for consideration to permanently install geo-textile bags (or tubes), buried cobble stones, and landscaped marine vegatation with canary palms along this area of the beach park.  The fund is being administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and will take the remainder of 2016 before projects are awarded.  We also submitted a similar revetment plan for Refugio State Park.

Finally in front of the California Coast Commission!

The California Coastal Commission (CCC) voted unanimously to retain all the rock revetment on the west-end of Goleta Beach Park on May 13th, 2015! This is a great victory for the 1.5M visitors annually in knowing that our beach, park, parking lots, bathrooms, and many recretional ammenities are protected.  While we didn't get the permit in permanently, the CCC did approve it for 20 years.

Friends of Goleta Beach Park leadership team wants to thank all our 'friends" who have supported us both finacially and lending a voice in shaping both the County Supervisors and CCC in changing their minds.  "Managed Retreat" was going to be implemented at our Park and your efforts were pivotable in reversing this decision.

Please go to:

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about this recent victory.

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To Contact your Supervisor, here is information on the South County representatives:

Salud Carbajal 1st District  805.568.2186 

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Janet Wolf 2nd District  805.568.2191

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Doreen Farr 3rd District 805.568.2192

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